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Simple End-to-End Portal for connecting trainers, organizations and venue providers.

About Us

Dependence on technology and online matter has increased tremendously from the past few decades. Finding everything and anything is no more a trouble. Be it a taxi or grocery, everything is just a few clicks away. No wonder, the world today is referred to be in “age of technology”. And it is growing immensely each day. But searching for a right trainer is still a time consuming and tedious task.

We observed that there was clearly a need for trainer management and effective marketing for them; a need for a platform where trainers could speak and endorse about them and their clients could get knowledge of them; a need for a channel to ease the flow of it coupled with an effortless venue provider.

With the current un-managed and disorganized connection between clients and trainers, we thought of creating a means of uniting them over a single thread. Hence, Ease My Training was established. It is developed with the aim to transform and remould the contemporary system.

Why choose Ease My Training?


Ease My Training has an experience of over a decade of working in the training industry. This grounding wisdom has helped us to connect with the most reputed trainers of this field. Compounding these professionals with our technology will result is surely a great encounter.

Expert Trainers

Trainers from all over the world can enrol with us by providing their skills. Clients can go through the list of available trainers and contact the one best suiting their skill set. Hence, we are here to create an easy medium for the communication between the trainers and the clients. You do not need to worry about that.

Trusted Courses

You can g-et trusted and an excellent range of courses from freelance trainers to training consultancies. We offer a variety of courses from a variety of trainers. Enrol with us and choose your trainer and course along with the venue of your desire. You can add your courses if you belong to the trainer designation.

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